"The looks of a fairy, but a voice like the Irish Sea- clear and gentle, powerful and passionate."

Carolyn Walsh is a singer, songwriter and musician who comes from a large musical Irish family. Her grandfather, for example, was a fiddle player and had a céilí band where he also met his wife. Furthermore, he played the saxophone and clarinet for the famous British bandleader Henry Hall.

Carolyn embraces her musical heritage, her latest tour is called "Irish Blue" and she also has a Christmas programme called "Christmas Lights in Harold's Cross". At her gigs she is accompanied by a guitarist, but she will also play the guitar, harp and ukulele herself.

She started out busking on the streets, which she continues to do. In addition to her concerts Carolyn also plays at festivals- such as the "Redhead Days" in Breda in the Netherlands or the renowned festival of street music "STRAMU" in Würzburg, Germany.

Her first CD, "Songs for Ireland- Festival Edition", features six songs, from "Amazing Grace" to "Hail, glorious Saint Patrick", songs that in good Irish tradition are not only songs, but sung stories, which is why the track "Colcannon" stays unaccompanied.
The release of a full-length recording of this album is the next thing planned, but who knows- maybe there will be a Christmas album before that...?

Carolyn Walsh, also a trained actress, has played in theaters and musicals for many years. Some of her favourite roles include Cinderella in "Into the Woods" , Belle in "A Christmas Carol" and Alice in "Alice through the looking glass".
And although she will not give up acting, she is presently concentrating on music and carrying on the family's musical heritage.

Close your eyes and let the voice of Carolyn Walsh take you to Ireland- fly with the fairies, look out onto the wild Irish Sea and feel the vastness of the skies.